The WCS Tube Trap, the ultimate grey squirrel catcher

The WCS TUBE TRAP is a quality killing trap originally designed in the 1980's for trapping mink in America. It's design advantages first came to Magnum Trap's attention in the early 1990's but its power was insufficient to pass UK Spring Trap Approval regulations. The TUBE TRAP's great advantage is that it incorporates a tunnel making it easy for operatives to comply with the UK's requirement regarding tunnel protection. This tunnel also has the added advantage that catches are hidden from public view. The TUBE TRAP can be used either baited or un-baited, the trap itself acting as an attractant to inquisitive targets, or being sited as a 'run-through'.

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Correct effective trap protection is becoming an important consideration for all UK trappers regardless of their quarry target. We recently decided that this trap was worth another look and worked with its American manufacturer to produce a more powerful and effective variation for the UK market. The resulting trap has been approved by DEFRA and now appears on the schedule of approved spring traps to use in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The TUBE TRAP is a 'quality' trap, constructed from a 380mm long, 21-gauge steel tube of 114mm dia, powered by a powerful double torsion spring. All parts are precision cut by laser, so there are no sharp edges to contend with. It has a pale green plated finish to give resistance to rusting. The English approved version has a considerably more powerful spring than it's American counterpart and is additionally fitted with two 'killing bars' inside the tube.

The WCS Tube Trap in action, killing grey squirrels

The target is therefore struck against these bars instead of being simply crushed against the side of the tunnel. It also has a safety catch.
The standard USA version of this trap is not approved for use in the UK. It is illegal to use it here. Please only use approved traps. Do not accept illegal, often underpowered, copies or versions.

When setting the TUBE TRAP the pan sensitivity can be varied by adjusting the location of the dog at the back of the pan.